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The Full Story 

When I was a child, I recall a conversation with my grandmother. I remember being afraid because someone had asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I was unsure. "Grandma, what am I going to be when I grow up?" I worriedly asked, she giggled, knelt down to my level, grabbed my hands, and said, "You're going to do great things”. “But how do you know?" I cried. She pointed straight to my heart and said, "Because I know what’s in here, follow your heart that's all you need to do".


So, I did and it has led me here! Kindness has always been a way of life in our household. Growing up being kind to each other and others was both a common practice and vital value which we shared (thanks mum!).


It wasn't until I reached school age I recognised, not everyone was taught these values. Although never bullied personally, I witnessed others being bullied and saw firsthand how cruel people can be and the negative impact it can have on the lives of others. I thought of my grandma that day and this time I giggled to myself because although I still didn't know what I wanted to BE, I knew what I wanted to CHANGE. 


As I've grown, unfortunately so have my realisations of unjust behaviour being used not just in school settings, but in homes, workplaces, public settings, and online environments. Every time I see someone be unkind (which is becoming more and more common) my passion to change it burns stronger. 


As the COVID-19 pandemic and world conflicts spread devastation across the globe, I felt it was now more important than ever, to BE KIND, SPREAD KINDNESS, and HELP OTHERS through such challenging times. Through lockdowns, I used my time to turn my dreams into a reality. I started working on my brand, discovering the benefits of kindness, and exploring the best ways in which I can encourage others to TAKE ACTION. 


Through our 'Kindness Cards' collection and YouTube Vlog's, we aim to promote the value of kindness and encourage others to follow our lead and practice it, creating a kinder tomorrow for the generations to come. ​​​​

-30% of ALL profits will go from our store will go back into our random acts of kindness: Check out our YouTube to see our impact.

-100% of sponsorship income will go directly back into our random acts of kindness. So, the more you like, share, comment, and subscribe, the more you purchase our games or merch, the more of an impact we can make in the lives of others together. This isn’t my story, it's ours!


Luzinda Gartmann



Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor


It is our mission to spread kindness and compassion into the lives of others throughout our schools, workplaces, homes & communities. To reinforce the value of kindness and encourage others to act with their heart, both online and offline.


A kinder tomorrow in which we choose kindness over conflict, compassion over cruelty, and action over indifference.

Image by Caroline Hernandez
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