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Not only is it cool to be kind, but being kind to others is proven to make us happier, give us energy, helps us be brave (gives us confidence) and helps us feel better when we are feeling stressed out or sad.


Let's teach our young leaders of tomorrow the value of kindness and compassion, as our little superstars embark on a kindness journey making lasting memories, improving social skills and confidence all whilst creating a kinder future for all.


Each act of kindness is accompanied by a star rating. We believe being kind to yourself is just as important as it is being kind to others, so after every 10 stars, you will find a special reward is waiting for you! 


SKU: 21554345656
GST Included
  • Each Box Includes:

    -Instruction Card

    -48 Acts of Kindness

    -Star Chart 

    -80 Star Chart Stickers 

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