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You can support our acts of kindness by donating directly through our  GOFUNDME page, just know every cent is so greatly appreciated. 


In the last few years, we have had a lot of unexpected time to reflect and truly analyse what is important to us. After watching many people struggle mentally, financially, and emotionally the importance of being there for one another, helping those in need, and spreading kindness into the lives of others has been reiterated to me.


As much as we would strive to make extreme positive changes in the lives of others in need, being able to help others can be financially costly. 

As I have said, this isn't my journey, it's OURS! If you would like to sponsor one of our acts, just know, that every cent is so greatly appreciated.


 I've never been a person who asks others for help,  but the facts are the more income we can produce, the more significant impact we can make in the lives of others TOGETHER!  


Every cent that we receive through sponsorships will go directly back into helping others through our random acts of kindness Vlog. Be sure to check out our Youtube channel to see how your support has made an impact. If you would like to become a corporate sponsor, or if you would like to sponsor an episode, please contact us at for further information.


Some people have time but not money, some people have money and not time, but everyone has something to give. If you cannot afford to sponsor our acts but you have time please like, share, comment, and subscribe. This will be immensely appreciated, the more we grow, the closer we can strive towards a kinder tomorrow. 

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